I was born in 1979 in Toyama, Japan. I started making electronic music as a solo pseudonym "lopp" since 2001. As a teenager, I grew up listening to techno. Strongly influenced by the contemporary music and electronic music of the 1990's, I started making music with a laptop, softwares and hardwares. I like to make tracks with a unique feeling. Simple, yet with a feeling of many elements...

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Decoded You [New Oil Media / UK]


Flashing / Lopp Remix [Wide Style / UK]
Welcome / Lopp Remix [Wide Style / UK]

[12 inch Analog]

Lopp Vs Sista Widey
Welcome [Bambola Recordings / UK]

[Music Library]
Carlin Recorded Music Library Ltd /London

New Day - Lopp ft Kayane[Nairobi, Kenya]